Monday, August 22, 2011

Sub Prime Personal Loans – Beware of Scamsters

Lenders who offer loans topeople with bad credit are known as sub prime Lenders. Offering a loan to a sub prime borrower involves high risk, as the chances of default of the loan repayment are more. Sub prime lenders charge higher interest rates on their loans and can be recognized by this easily, as they do not advertise themselves much as sub prime lenders. Therefore to compensate for the high risk involved, Sub prime lenders charge interest rates that are higher when compared with conventional lenders.

Depending on the purpose of loans offered, there are many types of sub prime lenders such as sub prime mortgage lenders, sub prime auto lenders, sub prime credit cards lenders and sub prime personal loan lenders.

You can get personal loans from sub prime personal loan lenders if you have a damaged credit and in dire need of funds. Interest rates with Sub primepersonal loans are high because of higher risk involved when offering loans topeople with bad credit. Sub prime personal loans are a common form of home loans that are designed to help people with credit problems for buying a home. Most lenders offer sub prime personal loans. However, you have to be careful, when choosing a lender, as scam lenders are plenty in the lendingmarketApart from the higher interest rates, watch out for certain other fees also. Your credit history will be thoroughly examined before considering for offering you a higher-rate lending. Sometimes the standards are relaxed when it comes to bad marks on your record and credit scores. People having a credit score of less than 620 apply mostly for sub prime personal loans. If your credit score is more than 620, you are likely to be eligible for loan with prime rates. People with dues on bills, bankruptcy or going for foreclosure are offered with plus prime rates.

You can find a local lender for getting a sub prime personal loan, who is specialized in personal loans. Some banks may not be offering sub primepersonal loans, but they can refer to some individuals or affiliates or a finance company who offer such loans. Also ensure that the chosen company is insured with federal agencies. You can obtain references from family sources or friends about good lending finance companies. You can also get customer reviews about various lenders from online sources. Finally, make sure that your payments are manageable for avoiding debt compounding, before you sign any financial agreement.
Some lenders may require your real estate or house for security purpose. The loan amount will be based on the available equity in your home. This is like making a second or even third mortgage. Such sub prime personal loans are offered typically at interest rates ranging from 7% to 19% while writing. If you still have no house or any other form of security, there are sub prime personal loans available at much higher interest rates, typically say about 30%! And also the upfront fees will be higher.

Try to avoid sub prime personal loans if possible as they are more expensive for servicing and moreover you can get into trouble with such loans. Use it only as a last resort for credit source and try to qualify yourself for prime financing in spite of your bad credit history.
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